02 October 2006

Broadcast notes

Now that the playoffs are here, radio and television coverage has expanded as the national rightsholders have taken over. Here's a summary of what's coming:
  • Radio: In addition to the A's Radio Network, ESPN Radio (via KNBR-1050) will cover the entire ALDS. According to KNBR's Gary Radnich, the play-by-play man for ESPN's broadcast will be veteran Ted Robinson, who last worked with the Mets and Giants and does Stanford football. Robinson, who was one of the names bandied about for the A's 2nd play-by-play job (filled by Vince Cotroneo), had previously worked TV for both the A's and Twins. If you're unfortunate enough to be unable to pull in the A's Radio Network, you could do far worse than Robinson, who is more than merely competent, does his research, and most importantly, spends a lot of time in the Bay Area and has familiarity with the market, so he isn't tainted by East Coast bias. No word on who the color commentator is.
  • TV: I haven't heard who the broadcast team will be for ESPN's TV coverage, but it most assuredly won't be the normal Sunday night combo of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. It could very well be Dave O'Brien and Rick Sutcliffe, who are passable but won't be lauded for in-depth knowledge of either team. If FOX picks up one or more of the weekend broadcasts, I'm guessing play-by-play will be picked up #2 man Josh Lewin (he of the slight lisp).
Enjoy the playoffs.

Update: According to this link, the Miller/Morgan team will cover the first game before moving to a different location. O'Brien/Sutcliffe will get games 2 & 3.


Anonymous said...

Announcers for first three games listed in the "etc." section at the bottom of this article:

Anonymous said...

wouldn't KYCY and KNTS be upset since they are the flagship stations for the A's and KNBR poaches them at a time when they could get their best ratings??????

anthony dominguez said...

Interesting observation I thought I'd share this Tuesday morning...many a Giants fan I know now claim that their favorite sport is "Hockey"...GO SHARKS (and go figure)!! Some of them are even pulling for the A's to beat the much for cross-bay hatred. I guess if the A's make it all the way to the WS, we'll know who all those bandwagons are on the 3rd deck.

John said...

How much $ do the A's expect to pull in for these ALDS games?

GO A'S!!!

treedonkey said...

One of those announcers on ESPN Radio just mentioned the Twin's new ballpark fand, then he said, 'The A's are about to announce their own new ballpark plans, so they should be getting a new park in that same season' (as when the Twins' park is completed)

I wonder if they know something we don't and let it slip. it sounded pretty specific - alluding to completion date and everything.

Marine Layer said...

If everything on the deal front goes quickly and well for the A's, they could have the ballpark in 2010. But that would be a rush job, so I'm not counting on it. I doubt that Robinson or Stone (who incidentally was part of previous group that tried to buy the A's) has any inside info. My next post will cover the comparative progress between the A's, Twins, and Marlins on the ballpark front.