03 May 2006

A traffic snapshot

Before I left work today, I went to 511 and took a quick snapshot of the East Bay traffic scene. The typical choke points were heavy as usual, except for greater traffic near the Coliseum due to tonight's game (click the pic for a larger version).

SFGate A's blogger Vlae Kershner picked up on the snake-mongoose vibe between me and drummer510 through our traffic-related posts from a couple of days ago. That makes this snapshot a good illustration of where the problem doesn't lie. 880 South from San Leandro on down is pretty clear, with an expected slowdown at the 92 interchange and another one at Mowry Ave in Newark. 680 south has a couple of short bad spots near Danville and Walnut Creek, while everything from the 580 interchange south is smooth sailing. 238 is acting like 238 does, so a detour from 580 along Fairmount/Hesperian would be in order.

From the South Bay, 880 is remarkably clear coming towards the ballpark (the pink "X"), while 680 has its usual backup as it approaches Mission Blvd/262, a few miles before the Sunol Grade. 237 eastbound is in better shape than usual. And from the Peninsula, both the San Mateo and Dumbarton bridges are fairly congestion free, at least until they reach 880.

Periodically, I'll take other snapshots of this reverse commute and of the journey into Downtown San Jose.


tony d. said...

Isn't it a shame R.M. that the once proposed 238 "Mission Freeway" was never built between 680 Fremont and 238/580 Hayward. It would have went a long way towards easing congestion on 880, as well as providing an alternate for travel up and down the East Bay. Any chance Hwy 84 becomes a full freeway between 680 and 580? It would definetely help Central Valley A's fans get to a Fremont Ballpark faster (as well as commuters to the South Bay).

Anonymous said...

Although most of us pretty much know where the Coliseum is, would you mind marking it on future maps so people can compare the two locations?

Marine Layer said...

No problem. In the current pic the Coliseum is marked by a blue "E."

Bleacher Dave said...

Hey Marine Layer,

You gave me some bogus info - there is NOT a carpool lane on 680 North heading into Fremont. Going from Gilroy to Oakland for Friday night's game against the D-Rays, I ran into a brutal stretch of traffic on 680 north of 237. I was originally headed for Fremont Bart, but ended up driving in to make it to Coliseum by 5:15.