04 April 2006

Wolff meets Fremont City Council + Opening Night

One of the first steps on a long road to a Fremont ballpark was made on Monday as Lew Wolff, presumably coming from his daughter's residence in Los Gatos, stopped in Fremont to meet with members of the city council and city manager Fred Diaz. Diaz has been responsible for much of the policy-related work that has gotten Fremont to this point.

I didn't notice any significant changes at the Coliseum last night, but there were a few minor things that popped out:
  • There are now signs that separate the gate/security line and the traffic headed towards the will call booth.
  • Some plasma screens were scattered around the field concourse. The panels only showed ads. Anyone who wanted replays or game video needed to look at an older tube TV.
  • One of the souls in the always lively left field bleachers posted a sign that said "IF U BUILD IN FREMONT WE WILL NOT COME". Or at least that's what I think it said. It was impossible to see from section 123, where I was sitting. I had to walk halfway to the BBQ Terrace to see it clearly, and I have pretty good vision. Guys, I know that the purpose is to get the sign on TV, but you're trying to sell the idea to fans in the stands too. Make a bigger sign.
  • I loved the Bill King tribute. If they could only make the sign above the broadcast booth permanent.

Tomorrow I do noise measurements at the Coliseum.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me after reading that article that if Wolff gets that land, Fremont would let him do what he wants. I could be way wrong but that's the feeling I get from reading that article.

Marine Layer said...

There will be some limits on what Wolff will be able to do, much of that to be determined by what comes from the environmental review process. Fremont's in a position to give Wolff leeway simply because he's footing the bill.

rockit said...

here's a shot that was posted on which has the left field sign in it...

(sorry, i had to break the link a couple of times to get it to display correctly)