28 March 2006

SJ Public Outreach Meeting tonight + Aramark

I'm not expecting fireworks, but tonight's first of four public outreach meetings for the Diridon South ballpark site should have some interesting and varied viewpoints. There should be representatives of the local neighborhood groups, some baseball supporters, the anti-tax watchdog group, and a contingent of Quakes supporters as well. The Soccer Silicon Valley folks are going to ask for the EIR to include a soccer stadium alternative.

Since the meeting is going to be focused on stadium environmental impact, I'm going to bring up a few topics/suggestions that could push things in a positive direction:

  • The A's have cited 35,000 as a likely capacity for their new ballpark. The EIR cites a 45,000-seat stadium, with an appreciable noise increase over the study sample - Qualcomm Stadium with 40,000 in attendance. Noise should be somewhat (though perhaps not proportionally) lower with a smaller stadium design.
  • A capacity of 35,000 should require a smaller footprint and less height. I'm going to recommend using PNC Park as a proper example since it's closer to the right size than any of the other HOK ballparks built over the last 20 years.
  • A roof with lights built in should help reduce light spill more than with typical light standards.
  • Is the dual-stadia concept possible or not? (I didn't think this was well-addressed at the study session)
If you're going to be there, I look forward to seeing you. I'll be the short Filipino guy with a shaved head, in a red sweater. We'll have a talk, no big whoop.

Aramark has put together a new website promoting the various types of concessions they will make available for this upcoming season. You might like the front page since it has a familiar look to it...

Among the new items available at McAfee Coliseum this season:
  • Bagel dog
  • Chili cheese dog
  • Crispy chicken sandwich

Now if they could only have a chili cheese "big dog" - and a gurney + EMT's to go with it.


murf said...

It looks like 4/19 is the only one I can make. I suspect that tonight will be alot of what we've already heard. Thanks in advance for any updates you can give, ML. You provide a fantastic service that we all appreciate.

tony d. said...

Like Murf, I'll also try to make the 4/19. Let us know tomorrow if there are any surprise "fireworks" never know with the San Jose crowd (naysayers, anti-tax, small town thinkers, etc).

peanut gallery said...

Please, please, please don't let the soccer-heads derail this discussion down a rat hole. And mixed use? That's what Lew is trying to get away from. I don't think that will fly. Thanks as always ML. Look forward to your report.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Murf's comment....."You provide a fantastic service".

Thanks ML!


Jeff said...

I look forward to your assessment of the meeting. Hopefully they don't co-opt you in a similar fashion as the Fremont effort!!! I concur with the other posters and thank you for your service.