07 December 2005

San Jose starts environmental review

Merc reporter Barry Witt corrected an assumption I made on an earlier post's comments page, and he was also nice enough to alert me to some preliminary environmental review efforts that San Jose is undertaking regarding the ballpark. So far the city has published a "Notice of Preparation" and a "Scoping Meeting Notice". The latter document has maps and a graphic depicting a ballpark on the Diridon South site with the PG&E substation moved to the fire training facility. Since the city just proposed the fire training site for a soccer stadium, the inconsistency here is baffling.

The scoping meeting, at which the public can comment on how the environmental review should proceed, is scheduled for Thursday, December 15 at 6 p.m. The location will be the new City Hall, Room W118-119.


Anonymous said...

All of the latest news about an A's ballpark appears centered around San Jose. Is there any news coming out of Oakland? Has the city begun acquiring land for Wolffs proposed 90 acre "ballpark village?" Thank you for your time.

Marine Layer said...

I haven't seen any documents on the Oakland website that indicate any progress. I'm working on an update. It is a bit too quiet.