09 December 2005

No go on Auto Row, Progress on Wolff's plan

Remember this?

Well, I just received word that the site's slated for some new construction along with new construction already present (perhaps the Acura dealership?). So a ballpark is not going to happen along Auto Row. That's one less option.

As far as Wolff's Coliseum North plan goes, apparently the analysis is still in progress. I'm trying to find more detailed info on that analysis. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Analysis is still in progress? What the heck does that mean? Shouldn't it be just a matter of Oakland buying the parcels of land needed for the ballpark, just like San Jose is doing at their Diridon South Site? Why the heck is Oakland dragging its feet?

Georob said...

I've asked this before, but at what point does Lew Wolff decide that Coliseum North(and Oakland) is no longer viable?

Doesn't he have to give a status report to MLB in the Spring? Or is this going to hang over our heads the entire 2006 season?

If it's going to work, I'd like to see some tangible progress, even if it's baby steps. Otherwise, I'm anxious to move on to Fremont or wherever.

ANALYSIS! Frankly, if I ever bought a MLB team, I'd need analysis too! :)

Marine Layer said...

It's not quite that easy. There's a ton of dealmaking involved. Oakland isn't going to spend a cent on the properties until it knows it can get much of if not most of the property it needs for the project.

Then there are environmental impact reviews. And rezoning. Both require hearings, committees. That's what the analysis is for: to get an idea of feasibility, costs, and risks. We'll see what happens.

Cid Kain said...

This is really a shame because i have always hoped the ballpark would be built in Downtown Oakland, not off the 880. The old plans next to the Fox theatre on 20th was beautiful!