09 November 2005

Merc: Go for it San Jose!

Not surprisingly, the San Jose Mercury News came out in favor of the Stephens Meat site acquisition and other preparatory work being undertaken to secure the Diridon South site for an offer. In the op-ed is a mention of the progress brought on by the Arena project. The paper argues that it is of utmost importance that the city keep the public involved in the planning process and debate, which the city hasn't done so far.


Georob said...

The Chron is reporting the site as an "abandoned sausage factory", which you have to admit is hilarious, though it's true.

Reminds me of that old saying: "There are two things one should never watch being made, sausage and laws." Perhaps we should add a third: "Backroom MLB deals to circumvent an archaic territorial rights provision"

....smells like sausage to me

tony d. said...

Actually MarineLayer, I was surprised to see the Merc come out with a pro-baseball editorial. With the exception of Mark Purdy and Leigh Weimers, the "hometown" paper has been pretty silent in terms of SUPPORTING Major League Baseball in San Jose. The Merc should be doing a lot more, in terms of Op-Ed and articles, to push the Major League idea and bring to light the absurdity that is the Giants territorial rights. Maybe the Merc is waiting for everything to fall in place (Diridon Site) before jumping on the bandwagon...we shall see.

Marine Layer said...

It's a little difficult to endorse an effort that has little action or substance to it. That's what the state of the San Jose effort was until they started buying the parcels that made up Diridon South. It would be irresponsible for the paper to endorse any plan without giving it some scrutiny. And if the financing plan ends up being something based on significant amounts of public money, you can bet that the Merc will turn its back on the plan.