02 October 2005

Dellums delays announcement

According to the Chronicle, Ron Dellums will not announce his decision whether or not to run for Mayor of Oakland until Friday. The announcement was originally thought to be scheduled for this weekend. Don't look for Dellums to be a stadium proponent.


Ian said...

Is de la Fuente a proponet of the new stadium? There is a very big redevelopment project being planned around the Coliseum Bart station, some affordable housing, but more market value housing and a hotel. Coliseum Burger will be gone. Why wouldn't a mixed use development that would bring property owners, and travelers, and entertainment seekers funded mostly privately be supported by any mayoral candidate?

Marine Layer said...

Any kind of displacement of existing businesses, especially entrenched, established ones that contribute to the city's bottom line, is bound to be unpopular. A mayoral candidate is not likely to directly back anything quite this controversial if it could alienate voters. And now the Dellums has announced his candidacy, IDLF is going to have to preserve his base as much as possible.