06 September 2005

Business Journal picks up the SB 4 trail

An article in the San Jose Business Journal summarizes the current situation with SB 4 and has comment from local politicians from Fremont and San Jose. Though the piece has a definite South Bay focus, the financing structure created once SB 4 passes would be available to every city, county, and joint powers authority in the state that wants to finance a public venue, including Oakland and the JPA. As noted in an earlier post, it could create an competitive bidding environment among cities, with the winner providing the most favorable deal for a team owner.

There should be some potential benefit for San Jose Earthquakes fans. AEG, which has threatened to move the Earthquakes as early as after the end of the 2005 season, is on record as supporting the bill, so it knows the ramifications. The Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, which has been touted as a possible site for a huge soccer complex with a 25,000-seat soccer stadium at the heart of it (like those in Dallas and LA), would become a much more likely possibility.


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