11 August 2005

Trib: Details, please

In an editorial, the Trib implores Wolff to publicize the ballpark plans and stop teasing everyone with little details:
If Wolff has something specific in mind, this would be a good time to throw out the old trial balloon. The A's are the hottest team in baseball right now and could be in first place by this weekend after dwelling near the cellar a good part of the early season. Fans are streaming to the stadium, bringing with them converts from the other side of the Bay who could be hooked for good by a combination of consistent winning ball and the promise of a cozy ballpark.
While putting out information while the team is winning is no guarantee of widespread approval, it can't hurt. It's hard to conceive of a situation that's better suited, especially with the Giants' current plight.


Maury Brown said...

"It was done in San Francisco, and it could be done in Oakland."

PacBell was done by placing the city and season ticket holders under duress: Buy PSLs, or we're off to Tampa Bay.

The A's don't have that ability, at this time, or, if they do, they're not using that hammer.

Funding 1/3 of your stadium with PSL dollars is not easy to do, and I suspect, it would not be the same reaction this time around.