31 August 2005

Selig to visit San Jose

According to this report from the Merc, the Commonwealth Club's Silicon Valley chapter scored big in getting an appearance from none other than commish Bud Selig. Selig is scheduled to speak September 7 at the McEnery Convention Center, where he will speak on numerous topics including steroids and expansion. The most locally intriguing issues are, of course, relocation and territorial rights. This is probably the best opportunity for San Jose partisans to find out if Selig is willing to budge on his hardline stance regarding the Giants' rights to Santa Clara County. There is an issue of timing, since the Oakland ballpark plans were announced only weeks ago and Selig won't want to say or do anything to potentially jeopardize that initiative. It's likely that Selig could spend the day touring the Coliseum North site with Lew Wolff, perhaps even alternate sites like Fremont. If San Jose officials were able to get an hour or so to make an unofficial pitch and tour, it would be a major coup for their efforts.

I, for one, will make every effort to attend the event.


Maury Brown said...

From John Ryan's article in the Merc -

Steroid talk is inevitable. But expansion and relocation are sure to come up. So don't be shy about asking why the Expos could move into the Orioles' territory but the A's supposedly can't move farther away from the Giants than they are right now.

Ryan needs to touch up on how this works. The Expos were moved into the Orioles' television territory, not the defined territories as they are in relationship to one another.

Selig will blow these questions out of the water. MLB in San Jose just isn't going to be happening.

Marine Layer said...

Then this is Selig's opportunity to put the kibosh on San Jose's efforts once and for all, in their own backyard, right? We'll see if he actually does this.

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