24 July 2005

Recapping the situation

Tom FitzGerald of the Chronicle recaps the most recent statements by Wolff and has quotes from David Alioto, the A's VP of sales and marketing. There's little new except for the following tidbit:
The A's may have been consistent playoff contenders, but one organizational weakness is the lack of season ticket-holders. The club won't even reveal how many there are. The A's offer a variety of partial plans because they have to.

"We definitely don't have enough full-season ticket-holders,'' Alioto said. "The quality of the team has always suggested there should be more, but even in the World Series years the season ticket-holders were never there.''
I'm certain the season ticket rolls have gotten better during the A's run over the last five years, but yet they don't release the numbers? They're obviously not a charity case, but it wouldn't hurt to fully explain their "plight."


Chris said...

The article you linked to DID have season ticket numbers with the A's as the source

14,000 -- season-ticket accounts, including partial plans

Marine Layer said...

I'm referring to numbers of full season-ticket holders. The A's probably have a disproportionately large percentage of partial season ticket plans in their count. Why wouldn't they explain it to fans so that they know what the team's marketing targets are? It may help those sitting on the fence to take the leap.

Chris said...

From a FoxSports article about today's game...

Of the 19,242 on hand Monday, an estimated 9,000 were walk-ups.

Doesn't really prove anything but I thought the numbers were interesting.

Marine Layer said...

I was one of those 9,000 walk-ups, and couldn't have been happier to wait in line for a bleacher seat.