17 May 2005

Oakland City Council Seat 2 Election Results

From the Oakland Tribune: Preliminary results indicate that Pat Kernighan won tonight's special election for the Grand Lake-Chinatown City Council seat. Though it's projected she will not receive more than 30% of the vote, there will not be a runoff, and Kernighan will be declared the winner. She was previously chief of staff for Danny Wan, who vacated the seat in January.

Kernighan will have some sway over the fate of the Oak-to-9th Estuary site, profiled here previously. While it isn't likely the property will be the home of a ballpark, it remains a viable option, should all interested properties come to an agreement.

Kernighan has commenteed publicly on development of the Uptown site for a ballpark. This is her statement, first published on the Greater Grand Lake Coalition website:

I am encouraged that Lewis Wolff has the potential wherewithal to finance a new baseball stadium without need of public money. A new A’s ballpark would make a lot of Oaklanders happy, but I am adamantly opposed to spending public dollars to build one when there are so many other unfunded public needs of much higher priority.

She hasn't publicly commented on Oak-to-9th's possible use as a ballpark site.