16 March 2005

Status and Speculation

Before I proceed with today's news, it is important to point out a few facts since I've had a few questions on this. That way no one starts running wild with the information posted here.

  1. There is no ballpark deal imminent. While Wolff has been bringing in consultants to explore possibilities (it is his job currently as VP of venue development), it is important to understand that no proposal has yet been put in front of any public entities. It will probably take 6 months to do a detailed economic study, 3-6 months for it to be reviewed by local politicos, and 3 more to complete a detailed environmental impact report. Then construction would take another 30-36 months. That doesn't include the possibility of a referendum, which would be required if public bonds were to be issued. So no one should expect to hear any piles being driven into the ground for a while. As news comes in, I will post it and provide analysis.
  2. The Wolff/Fisher group has not yet been fully approved to take over ownership. But it does appear that the approval is being fast-tracked, so it is entirely possible the change will occur before opening day. It is also possible that Steve Schott and Billy Beane may end up as minority partners.
  3. Any development plans or drawings I put up here are nothing but conjecture at this point. I am not an insider, so I don't have the pulse of Wolff and his crew. I do have a fairly good understanding of how stadium projects get funded, so I figure I can reasonably articulate much of the inner workings.
  4. I personally am trying to stay away from the advocacy side of things. The purpose of this blog is to prepare fans and citizens for what may or may not occur. I think I am well-equipped to wade through much of the b.s. that will likely be thrown around. What I hope will remain are facts. It is up to you, the reader, to make your own judgment based on that information.

Disclaimer over.