20 March 2005

Gonzales (SJ) Press Conference Post Mortem

The informal press conference held by San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales outside Phoenix Muni today wasn't mentioned in either the KTVU or KRON news tonight. It was mentioned (along with the always useful file footage) on KNTV. Among the new items:
  1. Gonzales plans to approach Wolff after the A's sale is completed.
  2. He also plans to put a ballot initiative in front of San Jose voters in November 2006. The voters will also be choosing a new mayor as well.
The Merc was the only local paper to pick up the story. That isn't entirely fair to Bay Area media, since the whole affair was pretty short notice, and the media have more important things to report, like freaky tornadoes, 11th hour bill signings and steroids.

Update: KGO-7 ran a report last night that has a video clip of Gonzales at the stadium.